Trash Talking Texas

 Jay Townsend here with some thoughts about why the fourth estate is now trash talking the State of Texas.

 To read the Washington Post and the New York Times you’d think that Texas is some Latin American backwater where people routinely go to bed hungry, starving children roam the streets, a place where high schoolers can’t read, where those who do have jobs daily toil in hot sun for meager wages, live in tin huts and drink polluted water they fetch from a filthy creek.

 Why the sudden interest in savaging Texas? Because the Washington Post and the New York Times now have a sudden interest in savaging Governor Rick Perry. Because Governor Perry is a candidate who has the potential to unite the Republican coalition and defeat President Obama in 2012.

 But while these two esteemed newspapers of record are entitled to their opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts, and here are a few:

 *Since June of 2009, 37% of all the new jobs in the United States were created in Texas.

 *Job growth in Texas has outpaced every other state, including those sophisticated and oh so progressive meccas we know as California and New York.   

 *There are more jobs in Texas today than when the recession began in 2007. Only three states can make that claim.

 Economic backwater? Really? The population of Texas has increased almost 21% during the last decade. Why are all these people moving to Texas if it is the hellhole the New York Times claims it to be? And while we are on that subject, why have nearly 2 million people fled the State of New York?

 But some of the jobs are minimum wage jobs says the New York Times, failing to mention that hourly wages in Texas are 93% of the national average, that the cost of living is less, and their taxes are among the lowest in the land. Contrast that with high tax New York, where unemployment among minority teenagers is more than 40%. New York’s socialist economic model isn’t working very well for those kids in Harlem.

 But Texas doesn’t spend enough on education, says the Grey Lady, as if money spent is the only measure of good deeds done. Here’s an ugly truth. California spends a lot more per pupil than Texas, but Texas school kids are 1-2 years ahead of California students, and African American eight graders in Texas outscore minority 8th graders in every other state.

 One more thing worth mentioning. Since passage of tort reform in 2003, Texas has netted 26,000 new doctors, a good number of which fled New York because they can no longer afford NY’s medical malpractice insurance premiums.

 Instead of shooting at Texas because it does not look like the rest of America, perhaps these newspapers could suggest that the President try emulating some of the policies that have worked so well for the people of Texas.

 Just imagine the praise these newspapers would be proffering the President if he had done for the nation half what Governor Perry has accomplished in the State of Texas.

 I’m Jay Townsend. Thanks for listening.