Mayor Bloomberg just dumped $2 million through his PAC to defeat a pro-2nd amendment candidate in a Chicago Congressional race. Not a peep out of the New York Times about how a billionaire’s money was used to throw an election thousands of miles from New York. How might the Times have reacted had the Koch Brothers dropped $2 million to elect a pro-gun candidate in a New York City Congressional race? Just Asking.

Governor Cuomo now says he must amend the gun control bill he rammed through the New York legislature because…the “law, as written, could be interpreted to apply even to weapons modified to use as entertainment props.” Apparently, the hastily written bill failed to accommodate the movie industry which needs the props to glorify the violence that inspires kooks to pick up guns and kill kids. Might we be better off asking Hollywood to compromise on its first amendment right? Just Asking.

And one more “Just Asking.”

This is a direct quote from Governor Andrew Cuomo post Hurricane Sandy. What the hell does this mean? Just Asking.

“I think this is the worst and I was appalled and when I was at HUD I handled storms and I learned a great deal and I saw we were prepared and I am relieved and I will work hard and I need you to know global warming is what I told you it was.”

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