If there was any doubt about the real Obama, it was on full display as he uttered his inaugural address.

He does not give a damn about the deficit. Entitlement reform is not going to be put on the table, nor will he lead any negotiation to save Medicare from bankruptcy or Social Security from insolvency. The trillion dollar deficits will continue, left for his successor and future generations to resolve and pay. Never mind that entitlements and interest payments will soon consume 80% of the federal budget, reducing the amount of money available for defense, education, law enforcement, homeland security, medical research, highways, and a lot of other sacred cows.

The talk of climate change is a code word for jacking the price of fossil fuels. Immigration reform will include blanket amnesty. “Revamping” the tax code means higher taxes. “Equality” shall come to mean more than equal opportunity. It shall now mean equality of results. The era is big government is back and will be around for the next four years.

Get used to the straw men. We saw several in his address, which blessedly lasted less than 30 minutes. There are: 1. those who think we have to make a choice between feeding grandma and starving babies. 2. those who think freedom is only for the lucky and the few. 3. those who think Medicare and Social Security “saps” our initiative. 4. those who believe that the 80 year old widow who collects a social security check is a ‘taker.’ 5. those who believe it is America’s destiny to forever be at war.

I’ve worked for public figures for 30 years. I’ve never met a public figure who believes any of the aforementioned.

The unnecessarily acerbic and combative tone of his language suggests how little he thinks of those who voted for his opponent, or the GOP Congress this country elected. Obama intends to move a center right country left. There is not going to be any compromise.  There will be no grand bargains designed to stop the coming train wreck.

I never thought I’d miss Bill Clinton.

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