What the hell is the thinking?

Karl Rove announces that he intends to become more involved in Republican primary contests and the tea party distributes an email of The Architect dressed in a Nazi uniform.

Marco Rubio holds a fundraiser in Manhattan and Republican Congressman Peter King blows a gasket because… Rubio had the audacity to vote against the pork-laden Hurricane Relief Bill.

Republican Eric Cantor dares to tell the Republican caucus that killing the Violence Against Women Act won’t do the Republican brand any good. And conservative radio talk man Mark Levin suggests that Cantor be ridden out of the Republican Party.

CPAC decides to make an example of Chris Christie…by letting the world know that he won’t be invited to speak at CPAC this year. Was it because 1) he was nice to Obama when New Jersey was drowning, or 2) he damned the House for refusing to vote on a Relief Bill, or 3) he dared to say something critical of an over-the-top NRA ad that went after Obama’s daughters?

The Club for Growth announces their latest initiative—called “Primary my Congressman.” Let’s knock off a few Republicans who (oh the horror) dared to let their Club for Growth scorecard drop below 75%.

My question: Can a few of the adults in the room start acting like grownups? If not, can some of the adults who are not in the room suggest that those who are in the room start acting like grownups?

I’ll give two Dillybars to the first man or woman inside the beltway, or even one of those wise talking heads on FOX, who is willing to say that expanding the herd right now is more important than culling the pasture of those who are less than pure.

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