Shortly after I moved to New York in the early 1980’s, transit workers threatened a strike if then Mayor Koch refused to go along with what he considered outrageous demands on a depleted city treasury. The city and it’s mass transit dependent public would, per the union bosses, face an apocalypse. Koch refused to budge. Despite the inconvenience of walking, doing without buses, subways, suburban trains, and enduring long commutes stuck in endless traffic jams, the public applauded Koch’s resolve, feistiness, and his determination to bend a union to his will. Koch won. The city survived. And some union bosses learned that it was useless to thug the Mayor.

A few years ago, my local school board demanded a 12% property tax hike. The School Board President warned that if the public dared vote down the budget, gone would be the athletic department and all afterschool activities. And just to put icing on the cake, he allowed that no school property would be available for public use after school hours. The voters answered by voting down his budget 2-1. The schools survived, as did the athletic programs and afterschool activities. The school board President learned it was useless to thug the taxpayers.

The President now demands the GOP raise taxes again, on top of the tax increase it granted the President last January. He warns that apocalypse will come if the federal government is forced to live with 2% less over the next decade (out of $46 trillion in projected spending) — kids will starve, teachers will die, grandma will freeze, planes will crash, and hardened criminals will roam streets and playgrounds stealing candy from the mouths of babes. Of course, women, children and minorities will be especially hard hit.

Message to the GOP. Stand Your Ground. Don’t Back Down. You’ve been thugged twice already and if it happens a third time those that voted for you will begin to wonder the point of having you in the Majority.

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