Jay Townsend Has the Experience and Expertise to Fit All Your Event, Campaign or Political Consulting Needs

Political Campaign Consulting

Looking for someone who…

  • …can write and devise a campaign strategy?
  • …can coach your campaign on how to raise the funds you need?
  • …can write a compelling script for your television and radio ads, mail or newspaper advertising?
  • …can develop a comprehensive free press program that will keep your campaign message in the public eye?

Candidate Coaching

  • Are you just getting started and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you ill at ease giving a speech?
  • Are you uncomfortable asking others for money?
  • Are you uneasy when dealing with reporters?
  • Are bloggers and reporters trashing your campaign?
  • Does that TV camera make you nervous?

Specialized Candidate Training Programs

Could you benefit from:

  • Training for you and your staff?
  • One-on-one consultations?
  • On-site visits to meet you and travel with you?
  • Guidance through meetings with key campaign fundraisers and advisors?
  • An extensive campaign audit?

Workshops and Seminars

  • Do you or a group of likeminded conservative candidates need first hand instruction in running for public office?
  • Are you the chairperson of a Republican or Conservative organization who would like to make sure that your candidates have access to state of the art political candidate training?
  • Are you looking for expert coaching in fundraising, messaging, strategy or polling?

Pick Jay’s Brain

  • Are you frustrated with the state of your campaign?
  • Do you need help with your message, budget, a speech or assistance in deciding how to best use what you have in your bank account?
  • Are you troubled by the pace of your fundraising?
  • Annoyed with how the press is treating you?
  • Is your opponent giving you trouble?
Contact Jay Townsend directly at (845) 458-1210 to discuss your upcoming event or political campaign!