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Looking for someone who can help your campaign get off to a great start?

  • Someone who can help keep it on track and ahead of the curve?
  • Someone who can coach your campaign on how to raise the funds necessary to make sure your message is heard?

Do you need help with a benchmark survey, or assistance in interpreting the one you’ve done, or help in constructing a campaign strategy?

  • Assistance with executing your message or someone who can script a compelling script for your television and radio ads, mail or newspaper advertising?
  • Aid in developing a comprehensive free press program that will keep your campaign message in the public eye?

Jay Townsend has worked in hundreds of campaigns during his 30 year career as a campaign strategist. And there is a very good chance that he can help yours too.

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Through Jay's use of advanced technology like Skype video, you can see Jay face-to-face without leaving your home or office. Or you can talk by phone. After your conversation you can choose to engage Jay's services by the hour, or by the day, or more, at a price that fits your budget. Or you can choose to think it over and come back at a later time.

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What People Are Saying

The persuasion mail pieces he did in the 2008 U.S. Senate race were the best ever done in the State of Alaska.

Wally Hickel, Former Governor
State of Alaska

I’ve have some hard campaigns, and some not so hard campaigns during my many years as the Executive of Campbell County. The one constant has been Jay. No matter the environment, no matter the difficulty of the challenge, he can easily adapt and construct a unique strategy fitted to the situation. And his mail is superb.

Steve Pendery
Campbell County Judge Executive

We were getting hammered in a TV spot and needed one that would answer and deliver a lethal blow to our opponent. The spot Jay crafted was brilliant. It quickly sank the campaign of our opponent and to this day remains one of the most remembered political spots ever aired in the State of Vermont.

Tom Moore, Political Director
Jeffords for Senate Campaign

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