Featured Keynote

Discovering Your Unique Talent to Change the Course of Human Destiny

Jay’s keynote weaves inspirational stories of unsung heroes who have changed the course of human destiny; stories that touch and inspire others to discover and recognize their own special talents, gifts and capacity to improve lives.

Other Popular Keynotes

The Baby Boomers Squandered Their Inheritance:

What the Millennial Generation Must do to Right the Wreck

No generation before has so ill served its country; no higher calling has been made of a generation now charged with preserving American Exceptionalism.

China’s Rise, Our Demise:

Learning to Live in a Two Superpower World

China is building a world class Navy and will soon overtake the United States as the mightiest economic engine on earth. What must be done to win the coming Cold War.

Looking Back:

America as it Was in 2062

If you left planet earth today, only to return 50 years from now…would you find an America as she is today, or a once mighty Empire relegated to the dustbin of history?

Workshops and Seminars

Jay Townsend is available to conduct half-day, day-long and two-day seminars and workshops for conservative candidates or conservative organizations that are in the business of advancing the conservative cause.

About Political Speaker Jay Townsend

Jay Townsend has spoken on politics and policy at the U.S. Military Academy, the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, scores of political gatherings, colleges, universities and as a guest on FOX News.

He has worked as a speech coach, speechwriter and communications consultant in four different Presidential campaigns, dozens of U.S. Senate, Gubernatorial and Congressional races during his 30 year career as a coach.

Jay has thrice won national awards–Best Television commercial produced for a gubernatorial candidate; Best Persuasion Mail produced in a Presidential Campaign; and Best Newspaper Ad produced in a political campaign.

What People Are Saying

He is a great coach, and a superb speaker and debater himself. I have never seen anyone strip the hide off a U.S. Senator the way Jay did in his televised debate against Senator Chuck Schumer.

Mike Long, Chairman
Conservative Party of New York

Last spring I had the pleasure of hearing Jay Townsend speak at a workshop for the National Speakers Association, and I’ll never forget it. It was a stunning talk – dignified, humble, passionate, and stirring. Jay is an elegant craftsman of language, and he has remarkable command and presence as a speaker. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Dana Rubin, Founder and Director
The New York Speechwriter’s Roundtable

Jay Townsend is a remarkable speaker. I have witnessed him hold the audience in the palm of his hand. He takes us on such a visual and emotional journey and his personal stories have stayed with me since first hearing him speak last summer.

Karen Jacobsen, Keynote Speaker

An engaging speaker who will delight, entertain and leave your audience better informed about the political process and the state of American politics.

Dr. Lee Miringoff, Director
Marist Institute for Public Opinion

Partial Client List

  • City of Poughkeepsie Mayor’ Ball
  • Bronx County Conservative Committee Roundtable
  • Dutchess County Republican Committee
  • Erie County Republican Committee Chairman’s Dinner
  • Herkimer County Republican Fall Banquet
  • Herkimer County Republican Spring Banquet
  • Kings County Conservative Committee
  • Kings County Republican Christmas Party
  • Les Brown Speaker Training Seminar, New York City
  • Madison County Conservative Party Spring Banquet
  • Manhattan College
  • Marist College
  • Monroe County Republican Spring Banquet
  • Nassau County Republican Spring Banquet
  • National Speakers Association Speaker Training Workshop, NYC Chapter
  • New York State Marketing Research Association
  • NYS Conservative Convention
  • NY County Republican Committee
  • NY Federation of College Republicans
  • NYS Republican Convention
  • Orange County Conservative Spring Banquet
  • Orange County Republican Fall Banquet
  • Purdue University
  • Queens County Conservative Party Fall Banquet
  • Queens County Republican Spring Banquet
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • Tioga County Republican Party Spring Banquet
  • United States Military Academy
  • Westchester County Republican Fall Brunch
  • Yates County Republican Committee Fall Banquet
Contact political speaker Jay Townsend directly at (845) 458-1210 to find out how he can help make your next event a success!