Jay Townsend’s Candidate Seminars and Workshops Help Candidates Navigate Their New Journey and Avoid the Worst Mistakes

Do you or a group of likeminded conservative candidates need first hand instruction in running for public office?

Are you the chairperson of a Republican or Conservative organization who would like to make sure that your candidates have access to state of the art political candidate training?

Workshops and Seminar Topics

Jay Townsend is available to conduct half-day, day-long and two-day seminars and workshops for conservative candidates or conservative organizations that are in the business of advancing the conservative cause.

Sample Videos

His workshops cover in-depth training in:

What People Are Saying

When it comes to politics, few are his equal. Jay was born to do this. I’ve seen him take complete novices and turn them into great candidates who won elections nobody thought they could. Need help? Call Jay.

Daniel Isaacs, Chairman
New York Republican Party

To meet him is to like him. Hear him talk and you’ll want to hear more. He can grasp a complicated situation and construct a compelling message about as quickly as anyone I know. And he is great at teaching candidates how to prepare their campaigns, how to speak, how to project and deal with hostile reporters.

Nick Langworthy, Chairman
Erie County Republican Committee

Jay provides everything you’d want in his seminars and workshops. Priceless information, insight, valuable tips and communication tools. He has incredible passion, a keen sense of humor and his delivery will entertain and delight. I was on the edge of my seat wanting more.

Brandon Brice, Workshop Attendee

Partial Client List

  • Queens County Candidate Training Seminar
  • Queens County Speakers Training Academy
  • Vermont Republican Party Candidate Training Seminar
  • Marist Institute for Public Opinion
Contact political speaker Jay Townsend directly at
(845) 458-1210 to discuss one of his candidate seminars
or workshops.