Find Out if You’re Ready to Run for Public Office!

“Are You Ready to Run?” Self Help Quiz

  1. 1. CAN you tell a friend three things you want to accomplish for your constituents in less than 30 seconds?
  2. 2. DO you know the party registration, ethnic, race, religion and gender breakdown of the jurisdiction where you plan to run?
  3. 3. HAVE you constructed a list of the first 50 people you are going to call to ask for money?
  4. 4. HAVE you constructed a preliminary budget, and decided what you will need to spend on television, radio, mail, social media, staff and headquarters operations?
  5. 5. HAVE you inventoried the press outlets and constructed a list of print reporters, TV stations, radio stations, and bloggers that cover news and politics in your jurisdiction?
  6. 6. DO you have a website that contains flattering pictures of you, a detailed biography, your rationale for running, social media links (twitter, facebook, etc) a volunteer sign-up and contact information?
  7. 7. HAVE you studied your opponent(s), reviewed their biography (ies) and their rationale for running?
  8. 8. HAVE you scoured your biography to make sure that everything in it is dead-on accurate?
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