A Message for America’s Young



A Message for America’s Young

 I’ll start with the good news. President Obama is not going to be President forever, and this country has survived worse than he. Harry Reid and his band of borrowers are going to lose control of the Senate in 2012, and they will be replaced by people more determined to leave you a better campsite.

 But challenges will remain. Medicare will be bankrupt before you are 40. Absent reform, Social Security will belly up before you are 50. We just shuttered our space program and ceded the space race to the Russians. China will overtake the U.S. in Gross Domestic Product within the next decade, they are building a world class military, and they do not wish us well. And of course, we are borrowing like drunken sailors and that isn’t going to end any time soon.

 As a nation we’ve overcome larger challenges, but this one is monumental and you’ll have to face some choices the cowards of the current generation refused to confront.

Are we going to remain the mightiest economic engine on earth? We can’t when we have the highest business taxes on the planet. If we are going to get those manufacturing jobs back we’ll need to reduce the corporate tax rate, the capital gains tax, and cut the cost of doing business in the United States.

Are we going to remain the mightiest military power on earth? We can’t if we allow our military to atrophy. Even if we are not fighting wars we need to invest in defense, research, satellites, technology, hardware, ships, planes and our military personnel.

You see, freedom isn’t free. The Chinese are making double digit increases in their military budget, as they have each of the last 20 years. The last time we let our military go to pot we watched helplessly as the Japanese slaughtered thousands at Pearl Harbor. Military weakness is provocation. The Chinese will be claiming Hawaii during your lifetime if they think we can’t stop them.

Are we going to preserve Social Security and Medicare? My generation—the baby boomers, will expect you to. And we will howl if you dare talk about reforming those programs, and the demagogues will accuse you of tossing grandma off a cliff. You’ll need some steel in your spine that the ruling elites don’t have. But this is the stark truth—if you don’t make some adjustments and changes those cherished programs will wither on the vine because in their current form they are not sustainable. Don’t let the bastards scare you. These programs have been adjusted before and those that did it lived to tell about it.

Are we going to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuels? With all due respect to the greenbeans, we are not going to do that with solar panels and windmills. We’re going to have to build some nuclear power plants, and allow energy companies to explore for oil and gas in our coastal waters and on our own soil. It’s here if we allow companies to get to it. That said, don’t give up on renewable energy. It has potential. It’s waiting to be discovered. We Americans are good at discovering things. It’s called American Exceptionalism. More on that in a minute.

Are we serious about having the best educated kids on the globe? It will take more than money. It will fall to you to undo the union rules that trap kids in failing schools and in classrooms with incompetent teachers. The teachers unions will scream bloody murder when you do that, but the parents and the taxpayers will like it and they outnumber the bad teachers who won’t. By the way, the good teachers will like what you are doing and they won’t complain.

Do you believe in American Exceptionalism? We are not going to keep America exceptional by emulating the socialist failures of Europe. We are what we are because we have charted a course quite different than Europe, one that has spawned more innovation, more wealth, more miracle drugs and more advances in the human condition than any nation in the history of mankind.

We did not do that by limiting the wealth people can create, or by limiting the number of hours people are allowed to work, or by placing limits on human potential. Confiscating the earnings of the entrepreneurs, producers and job creators, waging class warfare against the wealth creators is not going to create the robust growth our nation needs or 27 million new jobs for those who can’t find work. Be wary of the class warfare clowns. Your time will require leaders who believe American ingenuity deserves to be celebrated, American greatness venerated, American exceptionalism exalted. 

I’ll paraphrase something Churchill once said about the life of a person, for it also applies to generations.

To every generation there comes a time, a special moment, when it is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered a chance to do a very special thing, unique to its time and fitted to its talent.

I believe you and your generation can save the United States of America.

Because in times past when called to duty, past generations have found a way to answer the call, no matter the odds, no matter the obstacles.

The generation that kept our union one.

The generation that made ours the greatest manufacturing power on earth.

The generations that came to the aid of western Europe and kept her free.

The generation that lifted this nation off its knees during the great depression.

The generation which stood down the Soviet Union, forced it to crumble and freed  millions in Eastern Europe.

Your mission begins now. On your campuses, in your dorm rooms, in your fraternities and sororities, your classrooms, your clubrooms.

Let is someday be said that you and your generation led a nation to reject the false promise of statism and the hoax of liberalism.

Let it someday be said of you and your generation that you rose to the challenge of your time, a time that brought a new dawn to America;

Let is someday be said that you and your generation relit the lamp of freedom, rekindled the cause of liberty and preserved for future generations the great promise of this, the greatest democracy the world has ever known.

That because of you American kept its seat at the head of democracy’s table.

That because of you the sun was not allowed to set on American Exceptionalism.

God Bless you, young Americans.

And God’s speed.

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