A Moment of Truth for President Obama:

A Moment of Truth for President Obama:

Last week was not a good one for you Mr. President.

A very democratic Congressional district in New York sent a Republican to Congress. In his campaign the Republican made clear that he will not be voting to raise taxes, nor will he support your new stimulus bill. Democrats were sending you a message Mr. President. They are not happy.

Democratic Senators said your new stimulus bill, and the tax increases that you have now proposed, will not fly. And despite your calls to pass the bill now, the Majority Leader, Harry Reid, does not plan to bring your bill up for a vote any time soon.

Speaker of the House John Boehner also chimed in, and finally got around to saying that Republicans in Congress won’t be voting for it. And for that matter, no democrat in the House has yet been willing to sponsor your new stimulus bill.

And then there was James Carville, who asserted that it is time for you to hit the panic button. In case you have not noticed, Democratic members of Congress are using Carville to send a message to you Mr. President. They think you look, act and sound like you are out of touch. You are. They also think you look desperate. You do.

I know it is not easy, Mr. President, for you to admit that the road you have taken isn’t working for America…that the new jobs you predicted in your first stimulus bill never came to fruition; that it was a mistake to do Obamacare in the middle of as recession; that over-regulating the economy has put a brake on economic growth and job creation, that skyrocketing energy prices caused by your EPA have impeded our recovery from the recession.

No President or Governor or CEO likes to admit making mistakes. But here is the ugly truth. Sometimes great leaders have to admit that mistakes have been made…that the wrong path has been taken, that a profound change in direction is required…that it is time for a new team. Those that summon the courage to admit mistakes and change course often become legends. Those that can’t are usually relegated to the dustbin of history.

For you, Mr. President, that moment of truth has arrived.

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