About that Speech Mr President


 About that speech you gave last week, Mr. President. Ya know, the speech that was going to turn the corner on your Presidency? The one that was going to show us the new Obama, with new ideas, the one that was going to show us a way out of this economic mess, the speech that promised to turn the corner with a fresh approach, fresh thoughts and policies that  would have bi-partisan appeal?

 It flopped Mr. President. The Dow dropped 300 points the day after you gave it.

The New York Times ran an article quoting business leaders who said it won’t spur any new hiring.  The Washington Post panned it. Even the Democratic members of Congress seemed bored watching your address Mr. President.

 Here’s why. Most of your speech was simply renaming and rebranding failed policies that have not worked. “Stimulus” isn’t called “stimulus” anymore. Now you call it the “American Jobs Act.” Instead of calling for more “shovel ready” projects, you simply renamed it the “infrastructure bank.” Instead of proposing a means of how to pay for a half trillion in new spending, you suggest that someone other than you will figure that out down the road. In other words, more of the same elixir that has not worked; just a different name with a new color on the label.

 Furthermore, Mr. President, you demand that Congress pass your bill now, even though you wrote no bill, gave them no legislation to ponder, nor did you consult with anybody on the hill about what to put in your package.

 It is now clear Mr. President, that this was not a serious policy speech, but simply a dare to Congress to pass something you know it won’t, so that you can blame Congress for the state of the economy next year.

 That’s not leadership, Mr. President. And if that is your strategy sir, your campaign is already over and you need to hang it up.

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