Based on ‘Family Lore’ You Too Can be Cherokee

Massachusetts Senate candidate and Harvard Law Profession Elizabeth Warren now admits she once claimed to have American Indian ancestors, which according to Harvard, qualified her as a member of a ‘minority group.’ She looks white to most people.

According to the New York Times, Warren allowed Harvard to tout her minority status when she was hired. At the time Harvard was under attack for a “lack of diversity” on its faculty.

It is not something Warren can deny since she had listed herself as a minority member in a national legal directory.

Her basis for the claim? Warren says according to “family lore,” her maternal ancestors were member of the Cherokee and Delaware Indian Tribes. To date she has not been able to offer any proof.

The point and the lesson to those who are running for public office? Nothing from your past is secret in a high profile political contest. Everything you have said or done; every claim you have made will be mined by the oppo research team of your opponent.

Shame on Warren that she didn’t see this one coming. Her team should have been better prepared. And credit whoever is doing the oppo for Scott Brown. This was a good catch.

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