Campaign Websites

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Campaign Websites

Are you running for public office? If so, in this video Republican Political Consultant Jay Townsend makes a few suggestions on how to create good campaign websites that will attract campaign volunteers and contributors.

Here are the basics:

1) Make them Sticky. This means when someone goes back to them, there should be something new for them to see. Newpaper articles, tweets, etc. Otherwise they are just a billboard, and after the 3rd or 4th time a person goes to them, they won’t go back.

2) It should have a biography. There are two that I really like. The first is your background, and overall credentials. The second is something you experienced that really changed the way you look and think about life. They’ll look at the resume, but the story bio makes you human

3) It should have your position on issues of the day. Rick Perry talked about 20 issues when he ran for president, and only had about 2 sentences for each issue. Poorly done for someone running for president.

4) A signup for volunteers

5) A place and reason to sign up for your newsletter

6) Your site on every page should have an area to contribute to your campaign

7) Social Media Links. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus. If you have a website and a campaign and you don’t have at least 3 of these social media tools, you’re missing out.

Those are the basics of making campaign websites. And lastly, keep this simple rule in mind, if you were a visitor visiting your site for the first time, would you be impressed?

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Political consultant Jay Townsend works with smart, passionate candidates who want to run for office, win elections and make a difference. He has successfully helped candidates learn how to run for the U.S. Senate, how to run for Congress, how to run for Mayor and develop a winning campaign marketing strategy.

How to win an election:

Running for office and knowing how to win an election is a challenge, especially for first time political candidates just learning how to run for office. Discerning the fine points of how to campaign, raise political contributions, and execute a political campaign strategy often requires the help of someone who has served as a political strategist or who has experience as a political consultant.

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