Cowards in Europe. Cowards in America.

Cowards in Europe. Cowards in America.

“Leaderless in Europe,” blared the headline of today’s New York Times editorial page.

If only Europe had real leaders, says the old gray lady, Greece would be saved, the euro would be preserved, and NATO would find a new resolve. Instead, claims this newspaper of record, Europe’s leaders are in denial, afraid to tell the truth and paralyzed by the tough decisions required to save the European Union.

Meanwhile, here in the United States, Majority Leader Harry Reid is refusing to engage in talks about reforming entitlement programs. Chuck Schumer, his designated spin doctor, is accusing the Minority Leader of sabotaging deficit reduction, and the President is busy planning his next golf outing.

Perhaps the New York Times could save its sermonizing for the cowards in this country who refuse to confront the challenges of our time. With all due respect, we will survive the fall of the Euro. We may not survive the tsunami we are about to bequeath the next generation.  

We will soon hand them a country deeply mired in debt because the politicians of this generation gave away the store and hid the cost of doing so.

We are going to give them a country with a broken tax code and more holes than a trainload of Swiss cheese, willingly granted at the behest of K Street lobbyists who in turn plied our lawmakers with their largesse.

We created entitlements that we cannot pay for, made promises we cannot keep and we are about to hand off to the next generation a staggering pile of bills, ballooning interest payments and a crushing debt burden, and we are apparently going to expect the next generation to fix it without cutting our social security or our Medicare.

We will soon hand our young a nation that has reached beyond it means; squandered the resources of its people; borrowed beyond reason, devalued its currency and rendered many of our middle class wards of the state.

To the next generation we will hand a nation that has issued war guarantees to countries in which we have no vital interests, an over-extended military now involved in three wars, with more than 800 aging military bases in 135 different countries.

Meanwhile, the New York Times bemoans the lack of leadership among Europe’s ruling elite.

Perhaps it’s time the gray lady turn her poison pen on the democratic leadership in Washington.

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