Culture of Death

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“A culture that is not horrified by this is dead.”

So said Leon Kass in a recent Wall Street Journal interview published April 19, 2013.

He was not talking about the Boston bombings.

It was a reference to what happened inside a Philadelphia abortion clinic run by Kermit Gosnell, charged with butchering and murdering several infants who survived late term abortions he performed.

There was once a great Senator from New York who dared to speak an ugly truth when he called late term abortions “infanticide.” I am sure Pat Moynihan would have some choice words to say about Gosnell if he were alive to say it, and I’ve no doubt that he’d have some sharp words about the state of our culture and what he used to call “defining deviancy down.” Moynihan was never afraid to speak truth.

We have no trouble expressing our outrage about a couple of deranged terrorists who murdered three innocents in Boston. The President and the Vice-President both made trips to Boston to place salve on a nasty wound.

Yet about the tragedy in Philadelphia they have offered only stoned silence.

Seven innocent children were murdered by a terrorist on American soil. That no high ranking official, Senator or Member of Congress has gone to Philadelphia to hold a candlelight vigil…that neither the President nor the Vice-President has uttered a word about the revolting and hideous violence of Mr. Gosnell says a lot about the state of American culture.

We’ve grown dangerously numb to the deviancy before us.  That is a topic that deserves a lot more discussion.

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