Don’t Eat in front of a Camera:

Don’t Eat in front of a Camera:

“Don’t invite the cameras while I’m eating. Those pictures seldom turn out well.”

I wish I could say that is a Jay Townsend original, but proper credit goes to Pat Buchanan, who said same to me when I was staging an event for him during one of his campaigns in the 1990’s. And truth be known, Pat probably learned it from Richard Nixon, for whom Pat worked for many years as a campaign aide and White House speech writer.

It is still sage advice, as the pictures demonstrate. To be sure, there are occasions on the trail when a candidate running for public office must sample the local food, or down the sausage at the state fair, or demonstrate their connection to a particular group by trying the ethnic fare.  When compelled, best to pose for the cameras with food or fork in hand, but not in mouth, let the reporters get their shots, then announce the op is over. Fail to follow this simple rule and…well, there is a good chance the picture will not turn out well.

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