Don’t utter words you may be forced to eat.

Don’t utter words you may be forced to eat.

Few observers of politics will forget President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech on the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in May, 2003. Bush asserted that it was the end of major combat operations in Iraq and declared victory. We now know how that turned out.

 I recalled that epic photo op this weekend listening to President Obama announce the pullout of all troops from Iraq and taking credit for the assassination of Moammar Kadafi in Libya. The President boasted of “renewed American leadership in the world” and said “these successes are part of a larger story. After a decade of war, we’re turning the page and moving forward, with strength and confidence.” He then yet again called on Congress to pass his jobs bill.

I hope for the President’s sake, and ours, that we are not soon called to mitigate civil wars in Iraq or tribal Libya. For if we are, it will be a black eye for the President, having now declared victory and “Mission Accomplished.”

The President took enormous risk on Saturday. He may be forced to eat his words. If he is, it will be his fault.

And the lesson here for those who are running for public office? Don’t utter words you may be forced to eat. They seldom digest well. Just ask George Bush.

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