Going over the top will diminish your stature.

Going over the top will diminish your stature.

Demagoguery and hyperbole is inherent to politics and public life. It makes our discourse entertaining, colorful and attracts viewers to the couch to watch the TV talking heads.

 And at one point or another, most of those who are running for public office get close to the line, but there is a difference between getting close to the demagogic line and jumping over it into a cesspool. Do it and you will diminish your stature.

Joe Biden jumped into the cesspool this week, and he paid a price for it in a blistering critique in the Washington Post. Biden, pressing for passage of the President’s spending bill, said the bill is essential to preventing sexual assaults, asserting that rapes will increase without the “jobs” bill. He then accused those who oppose the bill of being insensitive to rape victims. “I wish they had some notion of what it was like to be on the other side of a gun, or [to have] a 200-pound man standing over you, telling you to submit,” said Biden.

Making matters worse, when asked by a Human Events reporter if he regretted using the “rape” reference in his remarks, Biden exploded on the reporter, denied what he’d just said, then waved his finger in the reporter’s face and said “Don’t screw around with me.”

The reactions to Biden’s over the top language have been predictable. Conservatives have taken umbrage. The feminists are defending him. But your average Joe looking at the story and the footage will be excused for thinking that Biden is simply hurling demagogic spit balls. Such does not enhance the stature of a Vice President, or any public figure, or any candidate running for public office.

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