How to Write a Speech by Painting Pictures With Words

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How to Write a Speech

The human mind does not remember mere words. The mind remembers pictures. If you speak in jargon or dryly talk about policy, no one is going to remember what you say. And if they don’t remember why you say, they won’t remember you. This video gives examples of how to paint pictures with words so that you leaving a lasting impression with your audience.

To someone running for office and for that matter for anyone who speaks, remember that your words are what the brush is to an artist. The more color you use in your words the more memorable the picture you paint.

When you talk to an audience, talk in pictures. Tell stories. Don’t talk about reforming tax code, talk about the middle class man once again climbing the rung of the economic ladder. Talk about fixing this system that has more holes in it than a truckload of swiss cheese.

Use words to paint pictures. The human mind will not remember, words, but it will remember the pictures that were painted with those words.


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How to win an election:

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