Is Libya our Next Vietnam?

Is Libya our next Vietnam?


We are now involved in a civil war that is none of our business, in a country that is of no vital interest to the United States.

When President Obama ordered air strikes and starting raining missiles on Libya, he said he was doing it to protect civilians.

He also said that Muammar el-Qaddafi had to go, that regime change was required.

Two things are now clear. Air strikes are not protecting civilians. And old Muammar is still in power and evidently doesn’t intend to give it up any time soon.

So what now, Mr. President?

Do we pull out, and admit that you made a mistake? If we do, Qaddafi will most certainly slaughter every rebel involved and nobody in that region of the world will ever take you or the United States seriously again.

And what if we drop a lucky bomb amid a sea of civilians and get Qaddafi, who is going to stop the slaughter in the ensuing tribal wars as they fight over what remains of the riches in Libya?

Do we put advisors and troops on the ground to keep postwar order? If not us, who? NATO? If not NATO, the UN? Any of those options still involve U.S. troops and the possibility that more American blood will be needlessly spilled on foreign soil.

Sometimes Mr. President, the smart thing to do is stay out of wars that are none of our business. President Eisenhower did.

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