Is the House GOP Giving Up its Reason for Being?

Obama has claimed he has a mandate to raise taxes. Fair enough. He did say he wanted to raise taxes on “millionaires and billionaires” during the campaign.

But the same country that reelected Obama also reelected a Republican Congress. I don’t remember many GOP candidates who pledged to raise taxes. Nearly all signed a pledge not to.

Yet here we are, barely three weeks after the election, and the Republican leadership is sending signals that it is prepared to renege on its signature promise and commitment to a nation that kept the GOP in the majority; a majority larger than the one it enjoyed after the watershed election of 1994.

If the GOP is that eager, that willing, that ready to capitulate on its reason for being, why have a GOP Congress?

Where are the demands that the White House write a bill and a budget that cuts the deficit, balances the budget, reforms entitlements, turns Medicaid over to the states, reduces the future growth of discretionary spending, cuts green energy subsidies and repeals Obamacare? This was the platform of the GOP Congress the country reelected. Why rollover on a GOP pillar without first demanding that Obama rollover on his?

The spirit of Compromise?

That’s a two way street.

The fiscal Cliff?

We face one because a political class promised more goodies than it can deliver; promises it can’t keep even if we confiscate all of the income of those making more than $250,000 a year.

And why not talk back to a media that is out to criminalize Grover Norquist?

He is not the reason GOP candidates signed the no tax pledge. They did because those who vote for the GOP sincerely believe that we should not raise taxes in a recession, or in a world where we must complete with nations that tax its job creators less than we do.

With all due respect to the leadership of the anti-tax party now advocating surrender and capitulation… if that is what the country had wanted, it would have elected a Pelosi Congress.

Put some steel in your spine boys. You won. And you too have a mandate.

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