Jail Time for a Mother Denied a Choice

Jail Time for a Mother Denied a Choice

Meet Kelley Williams-Bolar, African American mother of two, aspiring teacher, recently arrested, tried, convicted of two felonies and thrown in jail. Her crime?

To get her daughters out of a failing school, she listed her father’s address on the school enrollment forms so that her two daughters could attend a better school in a different neighborhood. Her story reminds me of those poor souls trapped behind the Iron Curtain in East Berlin — they were assassinated for trying to leave.

Meet Kelly Williams-Bolar, the new Rosa Parks of our age. If ever there was a cause for conservatives to champion, it would be the cause of Kelly Williams-Bolar. Forcing children to attend schools that don’t work is like forcing you to buy over-priced groceries at a local store when there is a better one five miles down the road; or telling you that you have to pay for dirty and overpriced gas at a local station when there is cheaper and better gas in a neighboring village.

Every parent in America should have a choice in where their children go to school. Charter Schools, private schools, tuition tax credits and vouchers should be available to every parent and their children. For until we break the so called public school monopoly and give parents a choice, and force public schools to compete for students, our educational system will continue to fail our best and brightest.

Who are those protecting the public school monopoly? Meet Nancy Pelosi. Harry Reid. Liberal white democrats in Congress who pretend to be friends of the poor, the oppressed, the African Americans, the Hispanics, the single mothers trying to raise children; white liberals who pretend to champion the cause of civil rights. The ugly truth is they are part of the reason Kelly Williams-Bolar was thrown in jail. The ugly truth is they are mere sycophants for the teachers unions who line their pockets with campaign cash, the teachers unions that want to preserve the public school monopoly that traps so many of our promising young minds in schools that don’t work.

After the plight of Kelly Williams-Bolar was brought to the attention of Ohio’s Republican Governor, she was granted clemency so that she could continue pursuing her teacher’s license. What should be noted is not a single so called civil rights leader or white liberal came to her defense.

The cause of Kelly Williams-Bolar should be the cause of every conservative in America. Because every conservative in America should champion the right of parents to have a choice in where their children go to school. By making this cause our cause, we will expose the left for the racist hypocrites that they are, and give new freedom to millions of parents and children who for too long have suffered the sting of discrimination at the hands of those who deny them the right to choose their own school.

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