Meeting People You Don’t Know

Meeting People You Don’t Know.

 Ever meet a candidate for public office only to see his eyes darting over your shoulder as you tell him your name, as if he is looking for someone more important to talk to?

 Isn’t that warm and endearing?

Not exactly. In fact, most find that crass, insulting, if not infuriating.

 When meeting someone you don’t know, know that to them the most beautiful word in the English language is their first name. Ask them. Then repeat it to make sure you got it right. Look directly into their eyes when you do, then ask a simple question that conveys genuine interest in who they are—where are you from? What do you do? What brings you here? Chances are they will share information which will reveal something you have in common. But even if not, I can guarantee they will remember you, that you looked directly into their eyes, that you expressed a genuine interest in them and much more likely to remember why you are running for public office.

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