Memo to Obama: Money won’t buy you a message.

Memo to Obama: Money won’t buy you a message.

Monday the New York Times ran a glowing article on Obama’s “fundraising,” (spending) noting that the President’s Committee and the Democratic National Committee have already spent $87 million on the President’s reelection campaign.

Obama’s spending has bankrolled “a sprawling grass-roots organization and information technology apparatus…offices in 15 states, employees in 38 states,” and a Chicago campaign headquarters that “hums with more than 200 paid aides,” gushed the Grey Lady.

Notable is what the Times did not note. During the same period, Obama’s approval rating has dropped almost 10 points. And yesterday Rasmussen released a poll showing the impoverished Herman Cain leading megabucks Obama.

It matters not how much money you have it you have no message to sell. If after dropping $87 million all you have to show for it is a 10 point decline in your numbers, then you might want to rethink how that money is being spent, or work a tad more on giving voters a reason to vote for you.

A CEO would be fired for blowing $87 million on an advertising campaign that resulted in a 10 point decline in market share. And his advertising team would be shown the door.

The lesson here for those who are running for public office: Before you start blowing your wad on campaign overhead, make sure you have a message that sells.

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