Memo to Obama: Your Strategy Isn’t Working.

Memo to Obama: Your Strategy Isn’t Working.

Five weeks ago, the President went before Congress and the nation and demanded that his “jobs” bill be passed.

During the last five weeks, he has hit the road attacking Republicans for not passing his jobs bill.

Two days ago, David Axelrod penned a memo warning of political trouble for Congress if it failed to pass the jobs bill.

Yesterday, the Democratic Senate defeated the Obama Jobs bill, a stinging defeat for the President.

Today, Politico reports that “winning in Congress was never really part of the plan.” This is the new Obama “long game,” Politico quotes an unnamed Democratic source. Buried deep in Politico’s story is this paragraph…”The White House didn’t consult with lawmakers before introducing the bill in early September, so there was little Democratic buy in from the outset, and even Obama’s most loyal supporters offered only tepid backing. The lack of hand-holding — always a must on Capitol Hill, particularly when a president isn’t as popular as he once was — robbed Obama of a back-up chorus, congressional aides said.”

In other words, it was all a game from the get go. Obama was never serious about crafting a bill that would pass the Senate, let alone the House. It was instead mere posturing in route to the 2012 elections.

Obama’s jobs bill was, as many noted at the time he delivered it, more a political call to arms than a serious policy proposal; a referendum on taxing the rich; a referendum on doing something instead of nothing. Still, with Democrats firmly in control of the Senate, he needed the Senate to pass it. He now looks like an inept quarterback deserted by his own team.

A lesson here for any candidate who is running for public office. Absent a back up chorus, and an echo-chamber, and “followers” willing to buy into your strategy, you risk looking like a loner grasping at straws. Don’t make the same mistake Obama just did.

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