Message to Donald

Message to Trump.


Donald. If you are serious about running for President, you need to act like a serious candidate. And I’m going to give you a little free advice that will be worth a lot more than the advice you are paying for.

 Number one. Lose the trash talk.  We don’t elect people to the highest office in the land who laden their rhetoric with the F word in public, or talk the way you did in Las Vegas. Profanity doesn’t make you look tough. It makes you look like crass baffoon.

Number 2. Lose some weight. We have not elected a fat President since Hoover, and he might not have won had television been around in 1928.

Number 3. Lose the Weedwhacker Hairdo. It makes you look more vain than you already are and it gets in the way of your message, whatever that is.

Number 4. Lose the helicopter. Lose the limo. Lose the glitz. Lose the incessant references to your wealth. Americans think that someone who brazenly boasts about how rich they are is either a liar or a bore or both.

While you lose these things, give a little more thought to why you want the job and what you will do with it if you get it.  All we’ve heard so far is why you think everybody else is stupid. Or how you are going to kick somebody’s backside. That may get you something in a bar fight, but it won’t win you an election Donald.

By the way Donald, I’ll be happy to take a check for my free advice.

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