Never Ever Ever Even THINK about doing this

(and other lessons from this week.)

1. Romney Aide Guarantees Michigan Victory


“Mitt Romney campaign adviser Stuart Stevens was so confident after the GOP debate last night that he guaranteed his candidate would win the Michigan primary next week, CNN reports. Said Stevens: ‘We are going to win Michigan. We are going to win Michigan.”

Perhaps it was a moment of irrational exuberance.

Stuart is a talented operator and was no doubt pleased with Romney’s performance. But zip it on these kinds of pronouncements. Losing one after claiming a sure win is a Double Bogey.


2. Specter scoffs at Santorum’s endorsement claim. Pans Santorum. Denies what Santorum said in the debate. Belittles the value of Santorum’s endorsement.

Ungrateful Bastard. As though we needed a reminder of why dear Arlen was so despised by so many. Santorum went out on a limb for this guy, at great risk to his standing among conservatives. Lesson. Casting your lot with an unprincipled liberal is more dangerous than a tryst with a cobra.

3. Says Obama: “Republicans are going to blame me for high gas prices.”


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