No one can be you near as well as You

Be yourself. Because no one else can be you. What is straightforward advice to many of those running for public office is often discarded when they see someone they think is more dynamic or articulate or passionate or a candidate they think better fits the mold of what a candidate is suppose to look and sound like.

And quite often when that happens, the authentic gets buried, and otherwise refreshing personalities look like pale imitations of someone else.

You have your own personality. Use it. It’s is what makes you unique, unlike anybody else. You’ll be more easily remembered. You’ll stand out when others don’t.

I recently met a woman named Sally Hogshead at the National Speakers Association Convention in California. She is an expert in her field, and has written and spoken extensively on what makes people fascinating. And she has developed a test called the Fascination Factor: turning your natural, hidden strengths into your greatest advantage.

What are your natural strengths?  Is it power, passion, prestige, mystique, alarm, rebellion, trust? Take Sally’s test to find out. It is something I recommend my clients do so that they 1. Know their inherent strengths, and 2. So that they don’t make the mistake of trying to be someone they aren’t.

Sally is also the author of “Fascinate” a great read if you have not already. It can be purchased at her website.

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