Obama: How to Piss off Just About Everybody.

Easy. Unilaterally decide to start a third war without Congressional Authorization, (hell, not even a resolution), claim that you got your authority from the UN, or the Arab league, then after ordering that missiles be rained on a country that did not attack us, bop off to Brazil to walk on the beach, watch some belly dancers, and give that nation some American tax dollars to drill for…yep, oil, (which he will not allow in the U.S.) at a time when Americans are groaning under the skyrocketing price of gasoline.

No one disputes that Gaddafi is a thug. But there are plenty of thugs in the Middle East, and in Africa, and in Russia; some of them are allies and in the eyes of the Arab world we’ve protected them.

No one disputes that the world might be a better place if Gaddafi were decapitated or hung.

But where does an attack on Libya lead? And where does it end? When America soldiers are put in harm’s way, a President needs to tell the nation why, clearly state the objective, offer a compelling rationale and ask for authorization when he is risking the blood of American soldiers. Having done none of these, little wonder that those on the right are now united with those on the left scratching their heads and thinking WTF.

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