Obama vs The Catholic Church

The danger of picking dumb fights.

The announcement did not generate the noise of the pissing match between Planned Parenthood and the Komen Foundation, or the decibel level afforded the jobless report, but its impact will be far reaching and longer lasting.

The President, through his Secretary of Health and Human Services, has ordered that Catholic charities, schools and hospitals shall soon be required by law to provide and pay for insurance policies that include abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives and sterilization procedures. If they don’t, they will face disastrous fines or be forced out of business or both.

In other words, it is now incumbent on Catholic institutions and the Catholic leadership to figure out, by August of next year, how to violate their own principles, teachings and interpretation of scripture.

Said left wing columnist E.J. Dionne, “Obama threw his progressive Catholic allies under the bus and strengthened the hand of those inside the Church who had originally sought to derail the health-care law.”

During the last weekend in January, Catholic Priests across the land mounted their pulpits and read a missive issued by the high command of the Catholic Church denouncing the President’s edict.

Consider for a minute the Catholic vote and Catholic voters…nearly 80 million strong, nearly 30% of the American electorate, many of whom reside in swing states. Yes, Obama carried the Catholic vote in 2008, but that was then, at a time when he presented himself tolerant of religious convictions and strongly held beliefs. We are now seeing the real Obama, who worships the Gospel according to NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the abortion-on-demand, abortion-is-for-everybody-wing of the Democratic Party. Perhaps the President did not realize he was stepping on the very toes of the liberal Catholic Priests who tolerated or embraced candidate Obama in 2008. Judging by their reaction from the pulpit, it looks like they have now drawn their line in the sand. More power to them. They know, even if the President doesn’t, that he cannot be reelected if he loses the Catholic vote in 2012.

And to the right, Obama has handed a powerful rhetorical argument. Might his real agenda be running catholic charities out of business, reducing the options of the poor, forcing all to go hat in hand to federal poverty pimps for their shelter, food and health care, making them wholly dependent wards of Obama’s bureaucrats? Some might be excused for coming to that conclusion. Little wonder so many in conservative and religious circles have long detected the stench of anti-Catholic bigotry emanating from the Oval Office.

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