Palin’s Arrow at “Severely Conservative”

…and other CPAC takeaways.

There were some 10,000 people at the CPAC conference in Washington, DC this past weekend, half of them under the age of 30 and by the look of things most of them female college students. (I think some of the older guys go for the eye candy.)

All who attended left with their takeaway moment, that one thing they will long remember about CPAC 2012.

Mine? Palin’s speech. Perhaps the best speech I have ever seen at CPAC. Perhaps the best speech she has ever given. And for the arrow she shot at Romney. No one missed the point.

Said Palin…“Our candidate must be someone who can instinctively turn right to constitutional conservative principles. It’s too late in the game to teach it or spin it … it’s either there or it isn’t.”

Which brings up Romney’s speech. He use the word “conservative” too many times. Nineteen times in the official version posted on his website. Somehow the words “severely conservative” were added after the official version was posted. Others who listened swear they heard the word 25 or 26 times.

Doth protesteth too much. If the cake he is serving is “conservative” why slather it with 25 layers of conservative icing? So overused was the word in Romney’s speech that most who heard it wondered the same. And if they didn’t, Palin’s pointed arrow made the point.

And the straw poll result? It was announced before Palin spoke so her words had no influence on the outcome. And as for Santorum’s assertion that Romney bussed in kids to vote in the Straw poll? I have no proof that he did. And if he did it isn’t illegal. That said, upon entering the conference Saturday morning I was greeted by three male college kids holding Romney signs. Each asked me to vote for Romney in the straw poll. No one asked me to vote for Paul or Gingrich or Santorum.

Which brings up Santorum. For a candidate who did not bus in kids, he did well in the Straw Poll. Last year he was at 2%. This year he received 31%. We are not done hearing from him. Rick connects with people that Romney or Obama don’t, and won’t. Culturally conservative white working class voters in the rust belt are about to have their say. I don’t think this is over.

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