Profiting from Hate


Recently I received an email solicitation from a Congressional candidate. Nothing new. It is common for 20 a day to clutter the inbox, including those from both Democrats and Republicans. The democrats want me to hate the Koch brothers, Boehner, McConnell, the tea party, and anybody who contributes to Republicans. The Republicans want me to hate Obama, socialists and all those freedom hating liberals that want to tax your wealth and confiscate my gun.

The thought of another colonoscopy is more uplifting than the rhetoric that daily fills the in-box. And even though I seldom give, the shrill pitches keep coming, apparently from people who think that topping the shrill I’ve already seen will enhance the appeal of the shrill I rejected.

And then there are the narcissists…the ‘hey look at me’ and ‘see me with Bill Clinton’ and ‘god bless me for I am gay’ types. Sean Maloney (D-Hudson Valley; actually Manhattan—he doesn’t live in the district) gets an award in this category. You can learn a lot about him if you care to read his drivel. You won’t learn much about what he is going to do for you, nothing about how he is going to do it, or anything more uplifting than why the country needs him to beat back some imaginary evil out to poison kids, confiscate your 401K and steal Grandma’s Medicare.

A suggestion for those who would lead our communities and country through the present and coming rough-patch. Lift people up. Use your words to help people believe in what they can do with their God given talent. Allow yourself to be an inspiration to a country that needs some heroes. Rather than denigrate, inspire. Rather than bemoan the present, paint a picture of what can be. Instead of inciting hatred and instilling fear, rise above the chorus of the age and dare to sing a different song.

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