Romney’s Win in Ohio. Credit one poignant moment.

There are the moments that grab attention and live in infamy… sometimes they are the ones that kill a campaign… Ford’s gaffe about the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, Carter’s nukier moment, and this year’s best, Perry’s “Oops” moment.

Sometimes they are the scripted… that jump start a campaign taking water… the Gingrich response to Juan Williams is one example.

And there are the moments of raw emotion that viewers know are not scripted because they could not be… Hillary Clinton’s tearful moment in New Hampshire in 2008… and Romney’s emotional response to a question on Saturday night during Mike Huckabee’s candidate forum.

Viewers saw a side (finally) of Romney they have not seen before. The plastic was shed. A human side of Romney was on display. In light of his razor thin (and what two weeks ago looked like an improbable) victory in Ohio last evening, perhaps Romney’s handlers will allow the country to see a little more of this side of Mitt…the subject of Megyn Kelly’s Fox News segment on Monday.

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