There is no one on this earth who has not said or done something they regret, including those who are or may someday run for office. In our day and age even minor transgressions become internet scandals, words are easily taken out of context, and otherwise decent people subjected to character assassination.

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This past week Monica Lewinsky gave a poignant and elegant Ted talk that is a worthy watch.
She did not make excuses. She admitted that she ‘made a mistake.’


Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame at Ted Talks

Click here to watch the Lewinsky Ted Talk.

I speak and write of this today because of something I hear repeatedly from people who would like to run for office. They want to. They have ideas and passion. But they forego the opportunity to advance their cause rather than pay the price of reliving something stupid they once said or did.

It is not just candidates…this year two high level aides to presidential candidates were terminated because the thought police found some of their tweets offensive.

You can’t change your past, but if you are running for office, there is a lesson to be learned from Lewinsky’s courage.

You are not your worst mistake.

It does not and need not define your life.

If you have made one, admit it. Own it. Embrace the lesson you learned and get on with your life.
There is redemption for those that do, and there are voters who appreciate the authenticity of a candidate who admits to being human.

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