Today a tribute to the civil rights leader of our time; a woman who has done more to advance the cause of civil rights than anyone since the days of Martin Luther King.

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I speak of Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools in New York, the city’s largest charter network. The nearly 10,000 students in her 32 schools, most of them poor and minority students, scored in the top 1% in math and top 3% in English, outperforming schools in some of New York’s wealthiest suburbs. On the science exam, all of her students passed; 90% at the highest level.


Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools

According to the New York Times, last year 98% of her Bedford-Stuyvesant Academy students scored at or above grade level in math…a school where 95% are either black or latino.

Little wonder that for every seat available in her schools there are 5 applicants.

She does this for less money than what New York spends to educate a child in public schools…public schools where barely 10% of minority students graduate prepared for college.

How? Students in her schools have a longer school day. A rigorous curriculum. A no-nonsense policy on student behavior, and a no excuse policy on homework.

The schools don’t live by the same rules of our unionized public education monopoly. Those who run her schools have the flexibility to innovate in classrooms. Her teachers are not required to join a union, pay union dues or abide union rules. Her principals are empowered to hire the best and fire those who don’t meet the mark. Imagine that.

But what Eva Moskowitz has done is far more profound than raising test scores. She has empowered students with the knowledge to better their lives and the will to do it. She has empowered parents living in poverty the chance to advance their children out of the snare of dependency. She has empowered people. Those who want to know how to win an election would be smart to abide her empowerment message. Those who are running for office should note the growing popularity of charter schools.

Like Marin Luther King, Eva Moskowitz is on the right side of history. And already a hero to the thousands of parents, and students who have a better shot at the American dream because of her leadership.

There is another lesson for all of us. Eva is living her passion. She has fearlessly advanced her cause, forcefully stood down the critics threatened by her success, afforded thousands on the lower rung of the economic ladder the freedom to chart a better destiny…a woman who has proclaimed for all to hear that no child should be trapped in a failing school.

May her example be an inspiration to us all.

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