Senator Schumer and Immorality



New York Senator Chuck Schumer went to the floor of the U.S. Senate floor this week to announce his new definition of the word “immoral.” It is “immoral,” says Senator Schumer, that Republicans are asking for spending reductions and entitlement reform before they agree to raise the debt ceiling.

 With all due respect to the esteemed Senator, what is immoral is what we are doing to the next generation. What is immoral is making promises we can’t keep, hiding the cost of those promises, pretending that we can borrow our way into prosperity, inflate our way out of debt or balance the budget by waging class warfare on the job creators.

 What is immoral is that professional politicians want to hand off to our kids a staggering pile of bills, ballooning interest payments and a crushing debt burden.

 What is immoral is expecting our kids to keep the promises Senator Schumer’s generation made, knowing full well that the crushing tax burden our kids will endure means they will never enjoy the same standard of living Senator Schumer’s generation enjoys today.

 What is immoral is that Senator Schumer and his generation will soon hand our kids a country with a broken tax code filled with loopholes put there by lawmakers at the behest of the K-Street lobbyists who the pockets of our ruling elite.

 Ronald Reagan’s generation gave the Schumer generation a world in which the United States was the undisputed economic superpower on earth, a period when budgets were balanced and no one disputed our military might or our dominance in space.

 Today we read that China will soon overtake the United States in Gross Domestic Product, we’ve ceded to the Russians the race in space race, millions of Americans can’t find work, and now that we’ve squandered the wages of our middle class on stimulus bills that didn’t work, Senator Schumer demands we raise the limit on his credit card.

 What is immoral, Senator Schumer, is not the grownups in the room who demand we do better by the next generation. What is immoral is you and the ruling elites who made such a mess of the campsite you are about to bequeath to the next generation.

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