Simplistic website blather will not enhance your reputation

Simplistic website blather will not enhance your reputation

Those who take the time to visit your website are a cut above your average political consumer.

They are making an effort to find you, and parting with their time to learn more about you andyour positions. Other than reporters trying to learn what your positions are, or agents of an opponent trying to mine your positions for an opportunity, those who are taking the time to visit your website are potential contributors, volunteers and agents who can help spread your message and vision to a wider audience.

They are also activists. And if they see little more than boilerplate bromides and blather in the issue section of your website—or empty rhetoric with no facts, no figures, no details on why you are running or what you want to do or how you plan to do it…not only will they leave your site unhappy and unfulfilled, they can and sometimes will do damage to your campaign.

A week ago posted a story about Rick Perry’s website, noting that the information in the issue section is far too light on substance and details for a man who wants to be President of the United States. A week later, nothing has changed. A suggestion for Rick Perry…take some of that 17 million you just raised and use it to hire a webmaster that will add substance to your site.

A lesson for all candidates running for public office. Don’t insult those who take the time to visit you. They may never come back and you’ll not get a second chance to make a first impression.

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