Tax Loopholes and the IRS Tax Code


Tax Loopholes and the IRS Tax Code

 To my friends in the cause of conservatism, may we ponder the question—why are we allowing ourselves to be trapped into defending a tax code filled with more holes than a trainload of Swiss cheese?

 Why should we defend a document that contains 10 times the words found in the Bible?

 Why do we defend the special interest tax breaks put in the tax code at the behest of the K Street lobbyists who in turn line the pockets of the lawmakers who did their bidding?

 Is there a conservative among us who truly believes we are well served by a country that treats some better than others, by a tax code that affords special status to some but not all, by a tax code that rewards slough and penalizes the productive.

 Let us not be caught in that trap. For in defending a broken tax code that is indefensible we are affording those on the left the upper hand in a debate we should be winning.

 For here is the bloody truth. Loophole language is not the sole province of past Republican rule. The left is also responsible for inserting its share of tax dodges in the IRS code. Who do you suppose wrote the rules that allowed General Electric to avoid federal taxes despite a net income of $14 billion dollars? It wasn’t George Bush.

 Why not get rid of all the loopholes. Why not call the bluff of the left and demand a complete and total overhaul of this monstrosity known as the IRS code. Why not demand that all give up their sacred cows and being anew with something simple, straightforward, easy to understand? A tax code that does not send chills down the spine of those who seek to comprehend it; a tax code that does not send the average American scurrying in search of the nearest accountant?

 Let us not get trapped into defending the indefensible. The next time you are challenged about the special tax breaks that you did not put in the tax code, assert that it is time for an overhaul, and invite your adversaries on the left to join you in the cause.

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