The Fallen: Lessons of Perry #5

More in our continuing series on the Fallen, those who have dropped out of the Presidential race, the things they did right and what we can learn from the mistakes they made.

Today. Rick Perry and the things he did right.

It’s easy to forget that for a brief moment in time, many thought that Rick Perry would be the nominee; that the conservative Governor from Texas would easily knock down the moderate from Massachusetts.

He came from a big state. He’d been a successful three term Governor. He was raising bundles of money. Unlike Obama, he had a good economic story to tell.

During the Obama years, nearly 40% of all the new jobs in the United States had been created in Texas. Job growth in Texas had outpaced every other state.

Despite the spending disparity, Texas school children were 1-2 years ahead of those in California, and African American eight graders in Texas outscored minority eighth graders in every other state.

And his timing and early strategic decisions were brilliant.

He bypassed the Iowa straw poll, choosing not waste time on a contest he could not win.

On the day that Bachmann won, he rained on her parade, choosing that day to announce in candidacy; depriving her of the fundraising boost she needed from her straw poll victory, and her chance to become the conservative alternative to Romney.

And thus began a campaign with lots of hope and promise, well funded, with an early strategic move the impressed the bundlers, talking heads and the pundits.

Lessons from what he did right? If you have a good record, and a decent fundraising base, you can easily become a credible candidate before you ever open your mouth.

Perry did. Unfortunately for him, it was downhill from there.

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