The Lessons of Cain

His will go down as the campaign that fell for want of a good crisis management team, and for want of a candidate who’d taken some time to study a map of the Middle East and a few foreign policy briefs.

Still, he will be remembered by many for his contribution to the dialogue, his 9-9-9 plan and his talent as a speaker. He’ll be back in some capacity—he’s too talented a speaker to disappear into the night.

About that 9-9-9 plan. It had its flaws. But in proposing a plan Herman forced a much needed discussion about putting the United States back on a pro-growth path—and at least temporarily, moved the debate off how much who was going to cut what.

And his campaign will serve as a lesson for those who are running for public office.

  1. Air your warts in public before someone else does. Your spin on your own faults and past errors in judgment will be much more charitable than that of your opponent(s).
  2. Have a crisis management team in place before a crisis hits—and when time to comment, have your lines down and stick to them. A story line that changes twice a day will only keep a bad story in the news.
  3. Do your homework and study your briefs before the campaign gets underway; time for study and debate prep become quite limited once the campaign is underway.

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