The Missing Face of 2012

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The country took a left turn in 2008, and ratified its choice in 2012.

Obamacare will not be repealed. Higher taxes are coming. There will be more regulations. Despite what Obama said about fostering the exploration of new fossil fuels, his EPA will erect and enforce roadblocks. And of course, we will continue to borrow. The deficits will grow. No matter how much taxes are raised it will not be enough to cover the deficits. No matter how much taxes are raised Obama’s base will never be satisfied that they have been raised enough.

In ratifying the left turn, we will become more like Europe, and less like the country we once were. The aging fleet of the Air Force will age more. The Navy will shrink. Our influence around the globe will diminish. We will pretend that China means no ill as it builds new planes, ballistic missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, more submarines and a world class Navy.

More than 59,000,00 Americans said no to the left turn, outnumbered by the 63 million who voted to stay the leftward course. Romney won only two states that Obama carried in 2008.

Yes, part of the Republican demographic has gone missing. (died) Yes, Romney’s GOTV operation went missing on election day. Yes, Romney went missing from the newscasts and newspapers during Hurricane Sandy.

None of that would have mattered had we seen the happy face of conservatism in Romney’s campaign.

Within a week of election day, the campaign of 2012 became the campaign everybody wanted to forget, and little wonder after two men engaged in a 2 billion dollar turd war.

For all the shortcomings of the nation’s economic system, it has lifted more people out of poverty that any nation on earth, afforded those here one of the highest standards of living on the planet, and made the United States the greatest force for good that humanity has ever seen.

This system that we are now jettisoning spawned more innovation, more wealth, more miracle drugs, more inventions, more advances in the human condition, the finest universities the world has known, the greatest and most generous foundations the world has seen.

I wish I’d seen this happy face of optimism, opportunity, and national spirit during the campaign. If only it had not gone missing.

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