The revolution in social media Continues

The revolution in social media Continues

I visited 50 political websites yesterday. 85% had a facebook link. 60% had a twitter connection. 15% had neither.

If your website doesn’t have both, (they belong on the home page and every other page of your website) you are losing potential volunteers, campaign contributions, a chance to spread your message on the cheap, and a lot of other things you’ll wish you had later.

Social media has revolutionized politics in America for the better, and as new technologies emerge, it is imperative that your campaign exploit them.

Just this past week politico ran two important stories that will alter the way candidates communicate and take advantage of volunteers.

1. Twitter will soon start selling political advertising.  Facebook already does, of course. And you should plan on doing both if you are a candidate for public office.

(More here)

2. A Silicon Valley firm has developed a tool (Votizen) that matches Facebook and Twitter networks with voter data to get people to the polls. It is now being used in the campaign of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. According to Politico, “The technology works like this: A citizen signs up and declares their endorsement for Lee, and Votizen confirms the person is a registered voter. If the voter wants to do more — say, be a campaign volunteer — Votizen scours his or her Twitter/Facebook/social networks for names and then compares that list to voter registration records, which shows address, party affiliations and whether the person voted in a previous election.” (Read the full story here)

Inevitably, someone who chooses not to use the technology will lose a close election. Don’t let that be you.

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