The Right Moves Romney’s Way

Romney no longer needs the endorsement of moderate Republicans like Chris Christie. He probably doesn’t even want them, for they bring nothing Romney doesn’t already have.

But he is now getting the endorsements he does need…from the right. It began after his victory in the Illinois primary and the steady flow has continued since, exactly the way someone would script them if they could.

First Jeb Bush. Then Freedom Works, a major tea party-supporting group announced it would drop its opposition to Romney. Then Senator Jim DeMint, the Senate’s number one cheerleader for tea party candidates, announced he would be “comfortable” with Romney. Followed by endorsements from Pat Toomey and Marco Rubio.

What Romney did right was stringing the endorsements out over a period of several days, rather than releasing them the same day. It’s kept him in the news during the lull between Illinois and Wisconsin. And they overshadowed Santorum’s expected victory in Louisiana.

If Romney wins Wisconsin, the drumbeat will become louder. Should he top Santorum in Pennsylvania it will be the final nail in Santorum’s coffin. Gingrich essentially ended his campaign this week when he fired most of his staff.

Over yet? No. But Santorum is being sent a message by the right that it’s time to stand down.

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