The Supremes Get their Revenge on Obama

Obamacare v the Supremes. Will it Matter? It already has, and will regardless of where the Court lands.


“It’s not what you are saying…it’s what you are talking about.”

Coming on top of four dollar+ gas, the Court hearings are now reminding the public of everything the public hated about Obama’s “signature achievement.”

Obamacare has never fared well in the Court of Public Opinion.

In the trial on procedural grounds held November, 2010 the public threw out the party that passed it and elected the largest Republican majority since the 1940’s. Voters objected to the way it was rammed through the Congress in the dark of night, passed by legislators who had not read the bill, filled with buyouts for blue dog democrats whose vote had to be bought.

It has failed on policy grounds as well. As noted by my friend and expert polltaker Dave Sackett of the Tarrance Group, the views on Obamacare have not changed since it was passed, and still garners a negative rating among Independent voters. The assertion that the public would warm up to it as the public learned what was in it has failed the test of time. The President barely mentioned it in his most recent State of the Union address.

The Court now holds its hearings and will have it’s say later this year, which will keep a very unpopular “signature achievement” in the news. It is a lose-lose for Obama. If the Court knocks it down, it is proof to the public that Obama was willing to insert unconstitutional mandates into a bill he had no mandate to pass. If the court upholds the decision, it will only serve to energize the people who hated the bill to begin with, and might even convince some of the social conservatives to hold their nose and vote for Romney.

Lesson in this for those in public life… “It’s not what you are saying…it’s what you are talking about.” And what goes around comes around. We are seeing the Court’s revenge for the public smack down Obama gave it during the 2010 State of the Union address.

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