The Unhappy Face of General Petraeus.

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The pile on has begun. No. It is well underway, per the Sunday New York Times editorial page, A Phony Hero for a Phony War. It comes two days after the General told Congress that he knew the cause of the Benghazi attack was not a rogue video.

It hits close to home.

I live in Cornwall, NY, the childhood home of the General. Just down the road from Cornwall is the United States Military Academy, where the General continued his education after graduating from Cornwall High School. There is a road in Cornwall named after the General. He is still a hero here.

Two years ago I heard two Petraeus speeches the same day. He spoke at a ceremony honoring recipients of the Purple Heart. He spoke at my son’s high school graduation. I shook his hand at the Purple Heart ceremony, and stood five feet from the car and the body guards that exited him from the graduation speech.

There is more to come of this story. And I suspect it has a lot to do with the politics of who knew what and who wanted to say what about the Benghazi attack. I’ll let Congress sort that one out, but I still have a lot more faith in the integrity of the General than I do the spin doctors that spun the talking points for Susan Rice.

For now, the words of the General, from that graduation speech at Cornwall High School.

“Each one of you will face setbacks. I certainly hope they don’t come in the form of a bullet. But they will come in one form or another. And regardless of the magnitude of the challenge you face, remember that you can overcome it.”

Godspeed General.

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