Their Good Deeds are Really Mine

How you say what you say can make a big difference in how it is received.

It is only natural that Obama wants to take credit for the assassination of bin Laden.

Natural because it is one of the few successes of the Obama Presidency, one that eluded George Bush and Bill Clinton. Natural because he is desperate to change the subject from gas prices, food prices, the deficit, the economy, jobs, etc.

He is not the first President to tout a military accomplishment. Anyone remember Mission Accomplished?

His ad however, might have been better received had Obama’s ad makers given credit where credit was due. The President made a decision, a risky one, doing what Presidents are supposed to do. We pay them to make difficult decisions.

But Obama was not on the mission. He did not plan the mission. It was prosecuted without his input. Credit goes not to Obama, but the Navy Seals.

When Saddam Hussein was captured, President Bush paid tribute to “our men and women now serving in Iraq,” and “the superb work of intelligence analysts…”

After the successful invasion of Normandy, Eisenhower patted not himself on the back for making the decision to invade, but the courage and skill of the fighting forces.

There is a narcissistic streak to Obama. It shows in the ad. Not a single word of credit went to those who did the deed. Little wonder it received blistering criticism from both left and right. Had Obama been a bit more gracious toward those who accomplished the mission and tad more humble about his role the ad would have been a little easier to digest. And had he not taken the gratuitous slap at Romney it might have been very well received.

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