Those Divorce Papers are never “sealed.”

 Those Divorce Papers are never “sealed.”

 If there is something messy in your background, put it out on your terms before your opponent puts it out on their terms.

 I wrote a series of posts a couple weeks ago about the importance of preempting problems in your past with reporters before the campaign gets underway. And one of the points made is never assume that those messy divorce papers are really “sealed.”

Last night I found a post from Politico in my inbox.  Apparently the Democratic nominee for Congress in NY 9, David Weprin, went through a messy divorce a few years ago. And although the papers were “sealed,” they were not, apparently, “sealed” enough.

 So headed into the final hours of a campaign, (the election is tomorrow) the Democratic nominee is left to answer a lot of very ugly accusations made by a former spouse during a custody battle over a child. Not the kind of thing a candidate for public office wants to be talking about in the final hours of a campaign. Weprin should have preempted this mess weeks ago, rather than have it come out as “new” news less than two days before the election. Bad mistake.

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