When your opponent is having a train wreck…

When your opponent is having a train wreck…

When your opponent is having a train wreck, stay out of the way.

 Mitt Romney had a good week. He gave an important policy speech on fiscal issues, outlining plans for reforming Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, and received a decent review from Forbes and Co. He avoided yet another story about flip flopping because he did not flip flop on anything of note. And he was talking policy while his two chief rivals for the nomination were talking about things that don’t win votes. Herman Cain spent a week denying that he had sexually harassed women. Rick Perry gave a performance in New Hampshire so bizarre that he was forced to assert he had not been drinking before he gave it.

As my good friend and fellow consultant Bill Pascoe says, it’s not what you are saying. It’s what you are talking about that makes the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Romney’s policy speech did not receive the coverage afforded Perry and Cain this past week. But he was wise to stay away from the Cain and Perry stories and quietly plod along.

The lesson for those who are running for public office…when your opponent is wrecking his own train, stay the hell out of the way.

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